Saturday, 9 June 2012

Why Attending a Blogging Conference Might be the Best Thing You Do!

Reasons to Attend Blogging Conventions and Conferences

Believe it or not, attending blogging conference can be fun, and an absolutely terrific way of making some new blogging friends, contact, and let’s not forget, the opportunity to network and connect with fellow bloggers (think guest blogging opportunities)!

For starters, such conference allows you to interact with a lot of like-minded people and learn from their experiences, as well as share some of your own. It might even put you face-to-face with some of the biggest names in the blogging industry, and just like any other conference which puts such people in one room, you are bound to pick something up out of the experience.

Remember that such conferences are bound to have all sorts of bloggers – niche bloggers, marketers, SEOs and SEMs, affiliate marketers, strategic partners, consultants, and maybe even bloggers belonging to your own niche. This means that people with diverse experiences will be present.

Chances are that you will pick something up from at least 9 out of the 10 sessions – even those boring ones which might not seem very useful.

In addition, it is good for exposure. By meeting people, speaking with them and interacting with them, you are spreading the word about your own blogs and/or the work that you do. This could potentially be a great, previously-untapped resource of traffic and subscribers, and the ability to get more visitors as well as fortify your existence in the blogosphere are two excellent aspects for being a part of such an event.

It might even hook you up with people ‘in the know’, such as industry-leaders and established, authority bloggers and pave a way for you to be able to connect with them professionally in a direct manner. This might also allow you to follow the footsteps of these leaders, and do what they have done with the need to do all the legwork that they had to do to establish themselves when they started off. As a bonus, you might even get to meet some of your favorite blogger in real life!

I personally recommend that whenever you attend such a blogging conference, get out there and converse with people. Have your blog URLs printed out on cards and hand them over to whoever you speak with. If you’re an SEO, SEM, IM or belong to the industry, ask if you can speak at the conference and tell people what you do.

If you do decide to speak at the conference, do so with confidence and authority. It could do you a world of good in establishing yourself as an authority on the subject you’re speaking on (a topic in your niche).

If you already are an authority figure, blogging conferences could help you meet and connect with young leaders and entrepreneurs. Speaking with such people could give birth to new ideas, inspiration and allow you to look at things from a fresh perspective.

Conferences such as these promote innovation and sharing of ideas. Mostly because there is a large pot of expertise and experiences, all in one, single place. Attending such a conference may give you ideas that you never would’ve gotten otherwise.

Such conferences allow you to give something back to the community. When you speak with the attendees, you share your own experiences with them and give something back, because when you do, you will grow as a person and a professional.

And let’s not forget that almost all such conference have at least one session exclusively on making money through blogging or monetizing your blog in a better manner.  It could be an superb way of discovering new methods for earning some money.

Lastly, blogging might very well be what you do fulltime, it might be the sole source of your income and your blog could be your business. In which case you probably need to be able to constantly find work, attending a conference might just do that for you!


Conferences such as BlogHer in New York are great for all the reasons mentioned above. Also look for other blogger conventions or conference in your area that you could attend. If you’re really serious and passionate about your blogging, I strongly recommend attending one of these conferences, especially if there’s one in or near your area.

If you know a group of bloggers in your own area, you could even arrange one of your own! Decide upon a venue/location, time and start sending out invites. Make a Facebook page, advertise it on your blog (and ask all of the attendees to do so as well) and get the word out. 

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