Thursday, 30 May 2013

6 Twitter Tips To Help You Build A Following

If you want to market your small business, then you need to be on Twitter.  Why?  Because everyone is using it of course.  If you're not on twitter, then your business is seriously behind the times.  If you haven't started yet, then follow these 5 tips to start building your Twitter following.

1) What are your goals?  First establish what you want to accomplish with your Twitter account.  Are you trying to build buzz for your brand?  Or maybe you want to use Twitter for customer support.  Think carefully, because different goals require different interactions with your account.

2) Leverage your existing properties.  If you have an established blog for example, why not use it to build your twitter following?  You could write a post describing how you intend to use Twitter for your business, and then ask your readers to follow you.  This works, because you are asking your already established audience.

3) Use a social sharing platform.  Sites like JustRetweet and ViralContentBuzz are excellent ways to build your following by allowing you to share your content for credits.  Take your time to learn each platform, and you'll really get some great results using them.

4) Give people a reason to follow you.  That means only tweeting out high quality content.  Stuff that your followers can't find anywhere else.  Perhaps offering deals that are exclusive to your Twitter followers would be very effective.

5) Add Twitter sharing buttons to your blog.  Adding these social buttons is so easy these days using just a short snippet of code.  And it really makes it much easier for people to share your stuff.  And the easier it is, the more likely one of your readers will do it.

6) Outsource your social media.  Don't have time to follow these tips yourself? Why not hire a social media expert on a site like ODesk.  As you can see from this review, ODesk is an excellent place to find a social media expert because it has such a deep pool of talent to draw from.

Don't these Twitter tips seem easy to implement?  You can start doing them today, and start getting results tomorrow.  It really is that fast.